23805804_2114794048752990_1508246290_nOur volunteers from B-Link had an opportunity to experience and see the other side of Basilicata agriculture side. On Monday, 21st of November Tomas from Lithuania tried some activities, such as picking olives and deliver them to factory. Tomas impressions were really good, as he said: this job is so satisfying, I could work this all day. Although, conditions weren’t so good because of the heavy rain few days ago his assistance was appreciated.

Today, 22nd of November Jonathan and Tomas went to Metaponto, visited  research center agriculture  , where they could test some olive oil, to see how they are analysing plants and etc. What is more, they witnessed some greek antique heritage buildings and been near Ionian sea.

All things considered, volunteers gained some experience about land management in Italy and especially in Basilicata region.